Peake Research Campbell, CA
Est. 1989

Durable J1962 Compatible OBDII Diagnostic Connector systems for price sensitive OE applications:

Peake Research Corporation, is pleased to offer a line of high quality, highly durable, Male OBD2 (SAE J1962 compatible) connectors for use in your OBDII based automotive products.

High-reliability, Solid-Pin J1962 Compatible OBDII connectors:
The Peake Research "DCX", (SAE J1962 compatible), OBDII connector is designed for today's demanding automotive service and testing markets. Scan tool makers need "shop hardened" diagnostic connectors, but so far, the "crimp terminal" type OBDII connectors made by our competitors fall short. The Peake "DCX", while selling at a very attractive price, well exceeds the modest "mating cycle" requirements in the SAE J1962 specification and will far outlast any "crimp pin" competitor. How? Simple - we use solid brass pins, securely fastened to a PCB back-plane - no play - no give. This ensures a solid connection and provides terminal pins that, unlike crimp terminals pins, will never bend, deform or break, resulting in a connector that won't damage the female OBD2 connector in the car.

Built in PCB (printed circuit board)
In addition to our robust solid pin J1962 compatible design, our back housing is a split-hood configuration that can house a small built-in PCB to allow for your signal and protocol converters. The beauty of this design is the elimination of a dangling box in the middle of the cable. Please contact us about this type of custom application.

Please call or email our experts to discuss your OBD connector solution!