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Est. 1989


Standard "Generic" Kit
(for low volume, hand assembly)

Many applications require a low cost means of simply connecting an electronic device to the OBDII / J1962 port of the car. In other words, just a cable and connector. To accommodate this situation we have created a "generic" kit of parts which you hand assemble, according to your custom needs and pin assignment.

Requires no custom tooling. Comes in "Straight-Out" or "Right-Angle" configuration.

DCX-HA-16: Straight-Out kit
Includes the following:

  • (1) J1962 type plastic connector body
  • (2) Back housing Half A
  • (3) Back housing half B
  • (4) Backplane for OBD Pins
  • (5) OBD flat terminal pins
  • (6) Berg style housing 16 pos, .1 (optional)
  • (7) Header 16 pin (8x2) .1 (optional)


DCX-RA-16: Right-Angle kit
Includes the following:

  • (1) J1962 type plastic connector body
  • (8) Right Angle Backhousing
  • (4) Backplane see above
  • (5) Pins (16ea) see above


Easy Assembly:

  • Hand solder your wires to the backplane (4).
  • Insert pins (5) into J1962 (1), overlay backplane (4) and solder pins.
  • Close the connector using cyanocrylate adhesive (super glue).

Note: Normally, most users will solder the wire directly to the back-plane (4). However, in a mass production setting, it may be beneficial to use our optional, berg style terminal housing (6) and the optional header (7), which can greatly speed up production in wire and cable assembly houses equipped with berg-style terminator presses tooled for common .025 box terminals.

All cable openings are 5mm, which is a common cable size in the PC industry. The PC keyboard in front of you is very likely a 5mm cable.

Low Price:

Description Part number Qty 5(1) Qty 200(2)
Straight Out DCX-HA-16 $7.00ea 2.99ea
Right Angle DCX-RA-16 $8.38ea 3.59ea

Prices are in US Dollars
Minimum Order $35 (domestic) $50 (export)
Shipping additional
(1) 16 pins per kit
(2) 6 pins per kit